Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Girly Bits Star Spangled

I can not say enough about Pam and her Girly Bits Polishes. Seriously. Stop reading, go run and buy one of every polish you can of hers. They are AMAZING! Lynderella, Nerd Lacquer and the like are great glitter polishes. Don't get me wrong. But they do not hold a candle to Pam. I think one thing this has taught me is look at a brands polish collection as a whole. Not just each polish on their own. Girly Bits doesn't do glitters. It doesn't do holos. Or duochromes. Girly Bits does all of them. And each and every polish I have tried (all but her orange from the first collection. Must remember to order that one next time!) are 100% consistent. They are not too thin, not too thick, apply like a dream, last as well as any much higher end brand, and have fantastic opacity. They are just fun and easy to apply. I have not had a single one that has not been amazing. This one is the same. And all of her colours are complex and intriguing. They come beautifully packaged.

Star Spangled is a bright azure blue base LOADED with blue and red glitter. The glitter is micro fine though and doesnt dry gritty! Seriously, how did she do that?? One coat of my normal top coat (Wicked Fast from Cult Nails) had it insanely shimmery, shiny and smooth as silk. Though without the top coat its almost as shimmery, shiny and smooth as silk! Two coats got it completely opaque, and it was just like her other polishes to apply - note perfect!

Above is two coats with a top coat on the left, and without a top coat on the right.

I cant believe I forgot to mention, you can purchase Pam's polishes on her blog here or from llarowe


  1. SO pretty. I usually despise this word... but honestly, these are dazzling.

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    1. Edited for errors--Thank you Shayna, for the great post. I should mention, that they won't be available for a few weeks yet. But yes they will be available on Llarowe, and my website, when I re-open for orders. ♥♥

  3. I agree – Girly Bits lacquers are AMAZING. I have this one (haven’t used it yet, as I’m lost in ‘Rogue’ at the moment), and it is simply stunning. One of the great things I’ve found so far with the Girly Bits brand is that Pam gives you the option of wearing the colour on its own, or wearing it layered over another colour for a different effect. I also love the smaller glitter (as opposed to so many of the chunky ones out there); it’s more work-appropriate and yet still sparkly enough to pleasingly distract you several times a day.

  4. I have not heard about this polish from Pam-why am I not in the know I ask you!!! HAHAH! I love her polish-they are my fave!

  5. I love her nail polishes. I tried to order a few weeks ago, but the shop is closed atm :( I can't wait to buy some and try them out.

  6. thanks for the tip, i am on the hunt for a non-gritty glittery polish.



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