Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lancome Rouge in Love and Vernis in Love

Lancome is launching two new makeup collections for Spring 2012. Both collections are set to hit stores at the end of February/beginning of March and consist of 24 new shades of lipstick (Rouge In Love Collection) and 24 new shades of nail polishes (Vernis In Love Collection). The official spokeswoman for this collection is one other than Hermione Emma Watson.

Rouge in Love is a line aimed at the youngest of the makeup market. It is meant to be a transition from the gloss loving girl to a lightweight long wearing lipstick.. It promises no less than 6 hours of stay true colour (though I am very leery of such a claim). The range is divided into 3 groups.

Jolis Matins with easy-to-wear colors, such as beiges and pinks:

Boudoir Time that contains silvery and white sparkles

Tonight Is My Night having the strongest colors and golden sparkles

Le Vernis In Love will be resented in stores in duos - the intention  being to pair a shade for fingers with a matching shade for toes. All of the polishes are said to boast a new formula making them easy to apply and meant to be one stroke polishes. I assume this means it will have a Dior-esque brush, but time will tell. At least in the Unites States, the polishes will only be available at Nordstrom for the first three months, whereas the lipstick collection will be at all Lancome counters nationwide immediately. I do not know what this means for those of us outside of the United States. I really hope we will not have to wait three extra months to get our hands on these polishes!

Just like the lipsticks this collection is broken up into groups as well. Boudoir Time:

Tonight is The Night:

Jolis Matins:

The last two polishes in the collection I am unsure in which group they are supposed to belong. Their names are Aquamarine and Rouge In Love:

The prices are listed as being $25 each for the lipstick, and $15 for the 0.21-oz. nail polish. Does this mean that they are just DISPLAYED as duos and we can purchase them individually (I HOPE, I HOPE, I HOPE!!) or the duos will be $30 and we will be obligated to buy them that way? I am not sure! As soon as I get that information I will let you all know!!


  1. Oh my gosh, so many colors!

    My eyes instantly went to bleu de flore.

    Awesome post. Thanks for the info!

  2. Aquamarine and Rouge in love are in the Boudoir time group. You must have missed it ;P Loved the post!!



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