Saturday, January 7, 2012

New China Glaze Magnetix Collection!

Wow! China Glaze is sure grabbing my attention these days! First with the Prismatic Collection and now this one! The biggest thing that grabs my attention is the DIFFERENT magnets! Therefor DIFFERENT designs!

Infused with iron powders that move when exposed to a magnet, China Glaze Magnetix uses magnetic force to create three different designs — starburst, repeating arrows or diagonal lines. Inspired by bold, sleek, futuristic fashion and art, the China Glaze Magnetix collection features six shades:

You Move Me — Luxe gold metallic;
Cling On — Gorgeous green metallic;
Pull Me Close — Crystal blue metallic;
Instant Chemistry — Sophisticated metallic berry;
Drawn To You — Subtle metallic lilac; and
Attraction — Chic metallic chrome.

China Glaze Magnetix will be available mid-February. Individual shades retail for $10; the China Glaze Magnetix magnets retail for $10 and is sold separately. I am assuming the magnets are ten dollars EACH and not for a set of three, but from the promo pics its hard to tell. That being said, if you own any other magentic polishes (such as the nails Inc ones) you can use that magnet if you want and not buy a new China Glaze one!

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  1. Can't wait for these to be released! I love China Glaze and I wanted to try magnetics for a long time now. I've nominated you for the kreativ blogger award. Check my blog!



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