Saturday, January 14, 2012

Julep Nail Appliques - How They Worked

So these arrived yesterday (these are the Rivets, they also come in Peacock). I was intrigued at the idea of using them, and honestly planned too. But I had a few problems. Let me start with what I liked about these. They seem to be very different than other brands I have seen and or tried. These are not so much polish as they are thick vinyl textured stickers. I have no idea how that will translate into wear but they are interesting. They also have instructions that you just peel them off when done with them by running your fingers under warm water. That worries me as will they come off with normal hand washing or showering? Hmmm........

Problem one occured right off the bat. Shown above are the SMALLEST four appliqués. The smallest one is too big for my smallest finger.

Problem number two - The bottoms are curved but they are WAY too curved for me! I

All in all I just don't think these are for me. I am too afraid to cut them for I have no idea how I would be able to trace the nail bed to insure I didnt cut too much. As nice as the designs are (and I truly like both designs) they just seem like too much trouble. I have used the Sally Hansen Salon ones a few times, but never ran into these issues.

So for me, these were simply a not meant to be.


  1. Oh god, I'd be so confused. lol is there anyway you could like peel off the bits that get onto your skin (if not cut properly) o_o cause if not you'd have to be a pro cutter to do that stuff!
    And if they did come off from washing your hands, it would be such a waste D;

    1. Let me be clear. I don't know they would come off by showering or washing your hands. All I know is it says to run them under warm water and peel off to remove. But the size/shape was far too off to even attempt.

  2. This is why I have yet to try any sort of nail applique. I don't have a steady hand and I think the whole playing around to get them to fit your nail bed thing would just drive me crazy. I will just stick to nail polish and if I want a design use my konad plates.



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