Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yet Another 1 Penny offer from Julep!! And Get Your 2nd Month Box FREE!!

Ok, because there seems to be confusion here EVERY TIME I am going to go through the sign up process one more time! 
  • When you click on the link, it will ask you to take a quiz
  • Once the survey is done, click on YES, SIGN ME UP!
  • You will see a box that will cost you 19.99. THAT IS CORRECT!!  Add it to your cart!
  • In the spot for promotions and discount codes, use code NEWYEAR2012
  • Make sure to change the shipping location to the correct location and choose the maven free shipping method! 
It will then cost you a penny!  

But wait! You want a free SECOND BOX??
  • Log into your account (once you have signed up for a penny!
  • You will see an option for earn a free month. Click on that
  • Copy that link it will show you (will look similar to this:
  • Get just 2 of your friends to sign up to get a box for a penny and you will get your next month FREE!!! Its THAT EASY!!
There is no obligation to get a box each month. If you do not want to commit to a monthly box I highly recommend you dont cancel but just log in once a month (dont worry, they will email to remind me you to do so. You wont forget!) and skip! That way, you wont miss the months that look INSANELY awesome, you will keep your 20% discount and you will always get free shipping on the site! 


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