Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lise Watier Aquarella Collection for Spring 2012 Euphorbia Nail Lacquer

The new spring collection for Lise Watier is out and available in stores. I tried to buy 7 of this polish (I am not kidding. Between nail exchanges, swaps and gifts, I needed 7!!). Epic FAIL! I went to two stores that were both already sold out of this colour, and a third store that I got two at. They only get two each of the limited edition Lise Watier items at each store, so it can sometimes be a challenge. I will find some more of them though. 

Like the holiday collection I was equally impressed with the formula of this polish. It was nice and smooth and opaque in two coats. I loathe the stupid lighted brush as much now as before though. Its useless, gimmicky and the odd shaped handle is just annoying and uncomfortable to hold. Also, for the "privilege" of this lighted brush, we get to pay an extra TWO DOLLARS A BOTTLE!! GRR!!!!

As you can see above, the button is found right on the top of the polish. Thankfully its a fairly sturdy button and needs just enough pressure that you are unlikely to accidentally press it.

While you can clearly see the funny lighting in the pic above, it is the best shot of the colour I could get. It is the most accurate shot. The promo shots once more are way off. I really hope the company gets better at that. Its very frustrating when you see the promo shots and think "yuck! not for me" only to find out later that you actually LIKE all the colours and by then have a heck of a time tracking them down (as happened to me for the holiday collection). This time I LOVED the promo pics, but they are WAY off. Thankfully I still liked the actual colour!


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