Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zoya - A Picture Tutorial

So Zoya is a brand I have not tried before. I have been interested in them for ages, but its too much effort to track down colours when they don't ship to Canada or accept my credit card if I were to mail it to an American friend. So I broke down today and arranged for 4 colours! Julienne, Neeka, Valerie, and Petra.

But there are soooooooooooooooooo many!! So while sorting through what I wanted, I thought I would post here a little guide to Zoya.

So beware, this is major picture heavy, but here are all the collections that I am aware of, all in pictures! What collections are YOUR favourites?


  1. Replies
    1. please, please if you knwo the names of any collections let me know! I want this to be complete!

  2. Romantic collection, Utopia collection too... hmmm, I think there are some more older ones too

  3. Hug's n kisses collection, Bouquet collection, Sirens collection, Provocateur collection, Glitterati collection, Blissful collection, Masquerade collection, Divas collection, Re-Cher-Che collection, Candy collection (all oooolllddd collections)

  4. Magique collection, Magique collection, Serendipity collection, Downtown Collection, Flourish collection, Suede collection. lol, sorry, this post got me in the mood to research =)

  5. Spa Essentials collection too! Ok I think Im done.... sorry!

  6. This is AWESOME! No apologies! Tomorrow I will try to update the page and add all of them in!


  7. If you don't mind paying about $8.75, you can get Zoya on Nail Polish Canada. The shipping is free if you spend over $29. They don't have the most recent 2 collections, but I'm hoping they will get them eventually.

  8. I was about to answer as Adina here. nailpolishcanada.com . I've ordered two times from them in the past months and expect to buy again soon with all the Spring collections coming out these days.

    Free shipping over 29$ gives you 2 options : via Canada Post or UPS. I personally prefer CP as the mailman can leave the box in my mailbox if I'm not home. They ship from BC, I'm in Quebec - and it took 3 days to reach me. That's fast enough for me.



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