Friday, January 20, 2012

Essence Add On Magic For November 2011

So I am really late on the boat with this one, but I am in love with the magentic polishes and am crushed that they are not available here. If anyone knows anywhere online that sells essence polishes (even if its to europe or the uk im ok with that) please please let me know!

Esesnce add on Magic crackling top coat in 01 crack me black, 02 crack me white, 03 crack me blue and 04 crack me silver which all retail for 1.79 EUR

Essence Add On Magic Special Effect Toppers in 02 circus confetti, 10 glorious aquarius, 11 disco disco and 01 its purpilicious all retailing for 1.79 EUR

Essence Add On Magic Magnetic Polishes in 01 micracle shine, 02 hex hex, 03 magic wand and 04 mystic wish all retailing for 1.99 EUR. The Essence Add On Magic Magnet comes separately, retails for 1.79 EUR and creates a horizontal stripe line on the nail!

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  1. You can buy Essence (and Catrice) online here: They do ship to the US but they are charging way more than the actual cost. I often order from them for the ladies in the Facebook polish group that I'm in, so let me know if I can help ;-)



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