Tuesday, November 4, 2014

VIB Sale - Recommendations

So I have done an INSANE amount of holiday shopping already this season and have tried a lot of great holiday items. I also have a few left on my wishlist. But the number one thing I get asked is for recommendations on what I would get with the 20% VIB. Here are my top picks!

There are quite a few blush items I have been extremely impressed with so far. The Benefit Cosmetics Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O' Blushes, Tarte Pin Up Girl Palette as well as the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette from Hourglass are all fantastic deals and great products. While there is really nothing limited edition or exclusive about the Benefit palette (though it looks they are retiring one of the shades from within it) the extreme value (5 half sized and one full sized blush) puts it on the list!

This is something I dont have yet. But as someone who has almost bought the Too Faced bronzer to try 1000 times, this set seems the perfect little gift! You get to sample all four of their bronzers for one low price of $28! They  may be deluxe minis, but they are all there! This I am hoping to pick up this weekend

Eyeshadow Palettes
I have to say, I usually have very long lists of all my wants and recommendations in this department, but this year? Meh..... The Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette is not quite my idea of perfect colour wise, but at $35 its a great priced limited edition palette that seems to get rave reviews. And if you are an Urban Decay fanatic, the Vice3 is always an option, though I think many brands have surpassed UD in both quality and performance.

Now, if chubby shadow pencils are your thing, well, forget that. Even if they are NOT your thing, pick these up anyways. Seriously amazing. The Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Quartet was sold out online, came back up the other day and is sold out again (for good reason. These sticks are AMAZING! And a great deal) but if you can luck in to them in store, grab them!

Well, look at me, recommending a set that is NOT Urban Decay! I still love their liners, but the Marc Jacobs ones are better. Seriously. $56 for 7 mini liners may not sound that great a deal, but they are 75% of the size of regular ones. One of my highlights of the season for sure!

For skincare, I assume you all know where this is going. The Glamglow Gift Sexy! You pay for one sized amazing face mask, and you get two half sized ones for free. And while the YouthMud is their best selling most popular one, SuperMud (the white one) is my hands down favourite. And while I have not yet reviewed ThirstyMud on my blog (the review is coming!!) I really love it and am finding it my go to moisture mask.

Now for the most part, these sets I have shown you are amazing values and great ways to sample some high end luxe items (ambient lighting blushes, marc jacobs liners, Laura Mercier caviar sticks, Glamglow masks) for a fraction of what it normally costs and at the same time, it gives you a nice selection to really try out the lines. Also, sets such as the tarte and benefit and too faced are simply great ways to try cult classics you might have just always put on the "will try later" list!

Hope this guide was at least a bit of a help, and please! Let me know in the comments below what items you think are must haves!! Also, WHAT ARE YOU GETTING??!!


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