Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cate & Chloe November Unboxing

So I got my next box. I must say, that this is the first time I got a piece in the box I will not at all even try out and wear. I freaking HATE hearts. Anyways, as per the usual, These boxes are 39.99 but with the coupon code I have listed at the bottom, you can get your first box for $19. The brand is awesome about keeping out items you wont wear (for me anything with a non adjustable bracelet or with cz stones in it) and they respond to all emails within the day. They replaced a damaged item no problem and were more than happy to suspend my service for a month when requested.

Anyways, enough chatter. On to the goods! Inside the box:

I like this necklace. Its nothing special, but its simple and classic and has a bit of an Elsa Peretti feel to it.

And this one. Its HEARTS. I HATE HEARTS. The end.

Ok, actually, its quite nice. Its sturdy, I love that the chain is multiple chains and if it had anything other than hearts on it I would be all for it. My pink and hearts loving mother however thought this necklace was great and was happy to take it off my hands.

The two items together. There was no bonus this month (the first time in quite a few!).


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