Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lise Watier Palette Aurora Swatched!

I went in to Shoppers Drug Mart recently as I normally do. No intent to buy anything really, just kind of looking. And then I swatched this palette. And oh my. It was a no brainer that this was coming home with me.

This is a gorgeous palette but I have only one complaint. This is the second season I have been blown away with a Lise Watier palette, and the second time in a row I have simply HAD to have it. But like Urban Decay and other brands that drive me crazy, each season the palette is a completely different shape, size and material! GGRRRRRRRRRRRRR I want to scream. I just wish that I could beg and plead with them to make them at least the same size and shape.

As much as this sounds crazy, I really do get bothered by palettes that dont match. It upsets my storage and my makes me literally anxious.

But whats inside was too pretty and amazing to pass on. Once more, I must reiterate; GRRRRRRRRRR!!

I know this is not a palette that one would think I would gravitate towards, but it seems it is. The middle two shades, the burgundy-ish rose gold and the gold are so lovely together. I just love this palette.

The palest shade is a bit of a dud, it swatches horribly, applies a bit better than it swatches thankfully, and is overall usable though not great. The rest are stunning. As is the norm here at Polish Jinx, they are each finger swatched on bare skin.

I actually took photos of me wearing the two middle shades, but my memory card had tantrum and somehow got unformatted and would allow me no access at all to anything else on it. So sadly, you are stuck with just these swatches. I will however at some point get some action shots of these shadows because they are stunning!


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