Sunday, November 2, 2014

Holt Renfrew X Rebecca Minkoff Beauty Bag

Holt Renfrew X Rebecca Minkoff Beauty Bag Only 50$ Valued at over $125!! With $25 voucher to put towards on your next purchase at Holts!!

So this was the image that was posted on facebook along with my favourite sales associate making the simple and dangerous comment. She simply posted my name. Tagging my name in a Holt Renfrew Beauty Bag alone is bad enough. But a MINKOFF colab? Sigh............ I was in the store within 10 hours of her tagging me!

I ended up buying both the gold and the silver, but the gold one was for my mom. I kept the silver one, though to be accurate, its more of a gunmetal.

This bag is big. And has a zippered pocket inside. Now I know that Minkoff changes up the lining on their bags ALL the time so I was surprised to see the lining matched my mini mac from them. But the zipper is nice feature and again, this bag is BIG!

And I must say this little brush holder is great! This will certainly get use!

This was certainly the most pricey of the Holt Renfrew beauty bags, but it also had a $25 coupon instead of the normal $10.

I have to say though, the beauty items inside the bag were, at least for me, the best thus far in these bags. I love the chubby sticks, thrilled to try a Laura Mercier eyeliner, and really there is nothing in the bag I wont use (aside from the shampoo, but I was given a bunch of other Oribe samples to try to make up for it!). Also, the revive glycolic peel I am both thriled and exited to try, and also pissed off to find in this bag. It retails for over $300 and I am worried that I might love it! At least, the full sized one comes with 30 pads so you get quite a bit of product, but oh my is it a steep price!

I have a feeling this bag is going to sell out fast, so contact your local Holt Renfrew store asap to reserve yours, or you can contact Melanie Drain at or 1-204-926-8105


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