Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Butter London Gilded Gears - Swatched!

I was so excited to get this set in the mail! I was looking forward to Earl Grey more than any other, but shockingly, Goss is the winner here. In fact, I think that will be my next manicure.

The formula on these is fantastic. They are all smooth and apply easier. And they all were opaque in two coats. Earl Grey is a bit on the streaky side, but other than that no complaints.

West End Wonderland is a gold holographic glitter. Its on the more matte side when it dries in texture, but so glittery and hologaphic that its not really a matte. Earl Grey is a silver metallic polish that sadly is quite streaky. Goss is a liquid copper/rose gold that is so metallic and really looks like shiny rose gold. No streaking which floors me. Clockwork Heart is a purpley chocolatey maroon shade that is just different with every angle you look at it in and every light.


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