Thursday, November 13, 2014

Butter London Steampunk Ball Collection - Midnight Gander Set Swatched

Look what came in the mail! I was very excited to try these liners out! And the results were mixed.

Lets start with the details. This set has a value of $100. But you get all 5 full sized ones in this set for $36 on the Butter London website. Union Jack Black, Indigo Punk, Earl Grey, Brown Sugar and Inky Six.

These liners you sharpen. They are however a very mixed bag. The black and brown ones are amazing. And by amazing I mean, Marc Jacobs Beauty or Julep amazing. I have never tried a BETTER pencil liner in application. They smudge a small amount, but only until they fully dry. They are not waterproof though. The silver and blue ones were good. Not great, but good. I would say not as good as Urban Decay liners. but barely. The purple was horrid. Dry, the tip broke trying to swatch it, and it was patchy and lacked the ability to glide on the skin. A total dud. Maybe it was just mine?

Now here are the swatches though. Very true to life. The brown is now my favourite brown liner I have. Well........... ok, maybe it ties with the Marc Jacobs one. Its got the edge though simply because the shade is a bit lighter.

Also, not sure about the descriptions on the website.

  1. Earl Grey - Steel grey creme 
  2. Inky Six - Cornflower blue creme 
  3. Indigo Punk - Violet creme 
  4. Union Jack Black - Jet black creme 
  5. Brown Sugar - Chocolate brown creme
Now the black and brown you could call cremes. The blue and purples have shimmer and sparkle to them though and the silver is very sparkly. Cremes? Not quite. 


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