Sunday, November 2, 2014

Make Your Polish Remover Work Better For A Few Dollars!

If you are like me and go through 4-5 cotton pads to remove all your polish, I have a tip for you! Or even if you go through a few but find you get bits of cotton on your nails? I got you covered!

I noticed how much I LOVED the Julep nail remover pads and the Lippmann remover pads. I had tried the Lippmann stripper and didn't love it, but I LOVED the remover pads. And what did both those pads have in common? You got it. They were made of felt.

So I thought, why not turn all my polish remover into super duper remover pads? I picked this up from Dollarama for $3. Its a LOT of felt. 2 yards. I left the kitchen door frame in the back of the picture so you could see just how big the sheet was.

I cut up small squares about the size of a cotton round, or just a tad larger.

This is about 120 squares and it came from one quarter of the sheet of felt.

And this took off ALL my nail polish from both fingers. I could have easily done my toes as well. In about 2 minutes. No mess, no work, no bits of cotton stuck to my nails.

So if you are not in LOVE with your polish remover, give this a try! Its a few bucks, but makes the job infinitely easier!


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