Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads - Review

When I saw these at Sephora I got really excited! These pads boast a blend of lactic and glycolic acids, two alpha hydroxy acids my skin loves.

That being said, there is no where near enough glycolic or lactic acid for any actual exfoliation, leaving myself basically rubbing a wet somewhat moisturizing but not much else pad on my skin. This was even more frustrating since they are listed as being a facial PEEL on the sephora website. That would lead one to believe there was A LOT of AHAs in them.

According to Sephora's website:
What it is formulated to do:
These Facial Radiance Pads contain just the right amount of lactic and glycolic acids to make them safe and effective for daily use, even for people with reactive skin. Cucumber and Indian gooseberry tone the face, while lemon peel and licorice root leave the skin bright and glowing. First Aid Beauty's facial radiance pads are free of harsh chemicals and colorants.
Now aside from the known irritants such as gooseberry and licorice root, they DONT contain enough lactic or glycolic acid to make them effective and while I managed to use most of the container up, I simply got tired of using something that was making ZERO difference (positively or negatively).

Overall, these were a waste of money for me and I would skip them if I were you.


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