Saturday, November 8, 2014

Urban Outfitters Sweet Sugar & Mystic Disco Swatches

So yes, I did it. Even though the last polishes I got from Urban Outfitters were HORRID (so bad I never used them after swatching them), I figured I would try again. I found two polishes too pretty to leave in the store.

These photos are far more accurate than the ones above. A light taupish greyish purple and a gold that is so pale and has so much silver sparkle it almost looks silver. In the store I couldn't figure out if it was gold or silver.

And the best part? They were two for $8 in store! Online these ones are not included in the two for $8 promo, but not sure if its an error in store, or an error online. Either way, they were $4 each.

I would basically describe these as a liquid sand IF you kind of sanded down the finish. They feel a bit textured, but not anywhere near the amount an actual liquid sand or pixie dust polish is. They are however completely glittery, completely sparkly and all around GORGEOUS.


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