Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sephora Rouge Event Haul (Or Lack There Of)

So I was very good at the Rouge event the other night. It helped that I had already bought $800 or so worth of holiday sets during the friends and family sale and my constant trips to the USA recently (purchases made on vacation dont count, right?). Add to that that the big 3 things I wanted were not available in store, and well..... you end up with a very very well behaved jinx.

I had to get something, and I was going to try the Orgins face mask anyway which has a $21 cost by itself, so for $10 more I got a $21 thirstymud from glamglow which I know I love, and two other masks.

The free bracelet to me was pretty much garbage. Its one strand of seed beads on a cotton thread. Not really worth the effort of even giving out in my super judgemental snotty opinon. If you like the brand Shashi though, there is a 30% code for their website ShashiLovesSephora30 for anyone who wants it.

And these deluxe samples were also in the bag.

Overall I found the event underwhelming. There were only a couple reps from vendors there and none were giving out samples. They were all doing or attempting very hard sales.

Did you go? What did you get? What was your thoughts on it?


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