Sunday, November 16, 2014

Birchbox Is In Canada - And The Points Make Signing Up Worth It!!

THE POINT SYSTEM!!You receive 1 point for each dollar spent on full-size products in the Birchbox Shop. And you'll also receive 10 points for every sample review you complete. So with a minimum of 5 products a month, thats 50 points per month. With each 100 points being $10 to spend in the birchbox store, you basically get $5 per month off your box. So at the end of the year (your points expire after a year) you have a MINIMUM of $60 to spend on full sized goodies of your choice. Want to refer friends? You then get a bonus 50 points! Its surprisingly easy to earn points and at such a low monthly cost for the box, the points might make it worthwhile even if you dont love every box.

I caved and signed up, the question now is, are you going to? Let me know!! And if you are reading this and American, the point system and everything else remains exactly the same, you just pay $10 instead of $15!!


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