Sunday, November 2, 2014

NEW!! Glamglow Cleansers!

So its official! Our favourite masks are getting buddies! These SOUND completely different than anything else I have seen or tried before. These are mud to foam cleansers. They start off as the mud we have come to expect from glamglow, but they end up foaming into a cleanser.

I am someone who does not like or even reach for or try foaming cleansers anymore. Soap usually foams because of foaming agents most commonly ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium dodecyl sulfate. These are used as foaming agents, but also because they are surfactants. Now if you have read any of my posts on haircare, you might be familiar with surfactants. But basically, they are used to reduce the surface tension of water and they also help break up oils and sebum on the skin which helps allow them to be washed away. I find they are usually drying and harsh.

That being said, if its coming out from Glamglow I will put aside my distaste of foaming cleansers and give it a try! I have tried 4 of the 5 glamglow masks out thus far and love 3 of them, and like the other one. I have not yet tried a dud from the brand so I am anxious to try these out!

These should be out this January! Finally! A reason to get excited about an AFTER Christmas release!!


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