Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gosh 9 Pan City Palettes Have Landed In Canada!!

I showed you these shadow pans awhile back and ever since have been anxiously awaiting their arrival here in Canada! Well, I am happy to say the wait is over! I have been a big fan of Gosh cosmetics for years now and have enjoyed most of what I have tried of theirs. So I was super excited to see these shadow palettes announced and now after having seen them in person, I'm even more excited!

I have not yet purchased them though. No particular reason as to why not other than a big event at Shoppers is this upcoming Friday and I figured I would get them then. I know (and I am sure you all can guess) that its the neutral palette (NYC) that I must take home with me. That being said, The purple/blue/green one (LA) is really really nice and I am leaning towards that one as well. The only one I KNOW I do not need is the brightly coloured Vegas palette.

Picture Source - British Beauty Blogger


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