Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cate And Chloe October Unboxing!

I have been so focused on holiday products and holiday sets that I totally and completely forgot about this little guy. I forgot to even open it!

If you have not read my reviews before, I find the retail prices of Cate And Chloe kind of hard to swallow. I know they list their items in the $100 range, but for sterling silver and plated silver, no matter how sturdy or substantial they are, I just can't quite get down with those prices. That being said, I do think $35-$60 a piece depending on the piece is quite a fair price point and even if you use my made up values, the box still ends up being a good deal.

This months 'perk" is a polishing cloth. Is it exciting? NO. Is it useful? 100%. So I will call it a very nice boring surprise!

And then the goods:

These earrings are quite substantial. Not something I would have gone out of my way to pick up, but I like them and will wear them. And I guess that is the point of this box, now isn't it?

And this boring necklace I thought was ugly. I figured I would like it better once I put it on a long chain, but surprise surprise, I ended up really liking it! I was in a rush to go out and it was sitting on the top of my dresser as I had not yet put it away so I grabbed it and it turns out, I quite like it as is. Who would have thunk?

All in all, not at all bad for $39.99. I think the best part is that they really do follow the guidelines you set (which for me was no fake crystals/diamonds/cz's and no bracelets that can not be adjusted as I have such tiny wrists).


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