Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Dress Shopping! Success Leads To Confusion!

I think I have made mention to the fact that I am heading to Vegas in a few weeks already on my blog. I will be attending a fundraiser while there and it will be in a pretty swanky place. So I OBVIOUSLY needed a new dress for the function. And with holiday parties coming up, I figured a new dress was in order. I saw the above three dresses online and called in to the store to put them all on hold. Ranging in price for $100-$120 each, Cleo has such CHEAP dresses. They are fully lined, they have so far (I own four already) worn beautifully and they go on sale for pennies on the dollar. As in, they will all shortly be $27.99.

But since I needed the dress now and could not wait for them to clear out (as I have started to do with anything I like from the store), I had to settle for the current price of 40% off. That seems to be the regular price. They seem to always be 30 or 40% off even when brand new. They didnt have the dress on the right (turns out to be an online exclusive) but the other two fit perfectly. The middle one is a petite and thus the size 10 was perfect, the grey one was a size 8 since it was regular. So the sizing is like every other dress they have. And I settled on this one:

Though, lets be totally honest. I will get the below two (the right hand one is one I thought looked ugly and old lady in the picture shown which is the online image but I was convinced to try it on by the sales associate and actually really liked!) when they go on clearance!

I am however still not 100% sure I chose the right dress! The grey one is more useful, less holiday and more just a fancy cocktail dress I could wear outside of winter and holiday, whereas this one on the left is holiday. BUT...... I look like I have such a tiny waste in it!! And if its cold, I could wear tights with it wihout it looking ridiculous. So I may pick it up to ahead of time. Sigh........... Do I return and exchange the silver one, do I pick up both, or do I leave it as is for now? I really am torn!


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