Monday, November 17, 2014

Mascara Monday - Kat Von D Immortal Lash

Let me just start by saying this mascara wand is WEIRD!!! Its floppy and bendy and the shape is weird also. It gets much fatter at the tip of the wand.

So I had no idea what to expect when I put it on. But it was actually really really easy to apply. It went on easy, I was able to use the tip (the fatter part) to apply the mascara and use the thinner part to apply to the edges and the bottom lashes. And while it feels totally floppy and bendy (sorry, no better way to describe it) when you take the wand out of the tube it didn't affect the application or feel so flexible when using it to apply the product.



Overall, it was not really clumpy, its not too wet and its not overly dry and I surprisingly really really like it! I think I like it MORE than the Urban Decay Perversion I tried last week (its not as wet and you dont have to be so careful waiting for it to dry). The other nice thing about this mascara is that it doesn't make my lashes feel hard or crunchy or heavy.


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