Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Audacious Lipstick Collection From NARS

It is no secret I have been obsessing lately over lip products. So its probably no surprise to you all that I want soooooooooo many of these. I LOVE the formula of NARS lip products! 

shades include:
  1. Claudia (Cool pink)
  2. Catherine (Sunny guava)
  3. Michiyo (Shocking Pink)
  4. Juliette (Pink Coral)
  5. Greta (wold azalea)
  6. Natalie (flamingo)
  7. Angela (pink orchid)
  8. Grace (bright pink coral)
  9. Janet (deep magenta)
  10. Geraldine (tangerine)
  11. Fanny (rich berry)
  12. Lana (vivid orange red)
  13. Vera (Bright raspberry)
  14. Annabella (poppy red)
  15. Charlotte (Oxblood burgundy)
  16. Rita (scarlet)
  17. Audrey (Red currant)
  18. Marlene (red brick)
  19. Anna (Smokey rose)
  20. Olivia (garnet)
  21. Anita (Antique rose)
  22. Leslie (Cherrywood)
  23. Jane (terracota rose)
  24. Jeanne (Cherry red)
  25. Brigitte (Nude rose)
  26. Deborah (chestnut)
  27. Barbara (tan rose)
  28. Bette (Bordeaux)
  29. Raquel (Pink beige)
  30. Liv (Deep aubergine)


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