Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Starlooks Boss Lipstick

Starlooks lipstick in Boss is a warm toned red lipstick with golden shimmer. Now I bought a bunch of these lipsticks (not this one which IS Starlooks branded) from the supplier that Starlooks gets its products from, so they are the same without the logo that Starlooks puts on. And I must say I already like the formula. As well discussed already on this blog, does Starlooks make the products themselves? NO. Do they lie about it? Well, they sure did in the past, even after being caught.

Please don't try to explain how you significantly change the formulas of the products in your lab (which you apparently don't have) so that they no longer resemble the original product when no single ingredient or order of ingredients is changed whatsoever and the product still looks identical, has the same address on it as the ones not labeled with your brand and you  haven't even bothered to change the name.

But that is a dead horse, and the bottom line is a of their makeup IS nice. Including this lipstick.

Yes, this picture was taken the same time as the equally scary Ardency Inn picture was, so you will haev to forgive the makeup-less face.


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