Friday, August 15, 2014

Quo Blockbuster Palette Super Palette

Oh my goodness. This palette is BIG. And by big, I mean BIG!!

I will admit. The fact that there are creams and powders mixed together automatically makes me not want it.

But I am loving the blushes, bronzers and highlighters that line the bottom!

The details:

This is a pretty good price for Quo ringing up at only $45 for the entire set, but again, those 15 pots on the left hand side (10 glosses and 5 liners) turn me off. As far as drugstore products go Quo is pretty decent quality, though I think it is nothing compared to even the lesser middle brands sold at stores such as Sephora (ie: too faced, stila, lorac). That being said they arent bad, and this is a lot of product options for a reasonable price tag.


  1. I just saw those yesterday! I like their products. I always watch for it to go to the 50% off. :D The new Cover girl glosses that were on a display are AWESOME. I wound up buying the tester colour. LOVE. Also, the manga mascara.....awesome! I bought turquoise but definitely getting the other 2!

    1. Yeah, speaking of that, the portage place store is clearing out of those gel blush thingies that I got on sale for cheap. Also saw them at a few other locations recently. may be worth going and checking again!

    2. I got all 3 at the Point Rd. Shoppers. $8 each. But, I saw them full price at some locations still!

    3. Yay! Glad you found them! The sales are SOOOOO random and the prices differ so much from store to store on clearance!



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