Sunday, August 10, 2014

EPIC (At Least For Me) Shoe Haul

Now today is going to consist of two posts. One shoe haul with shoes a 12 year old could afford out of her allowance, and this one, that I kind of think I deserve to be committed for. Let me start by saying I DON'T spend money on shoes. The ONLY quality shoes I own are the 3 pair of Italian wedges I bought a few years ago at Winners ($250 shoes for under $20 a pair) but otherwise, I am a $30 a pair of shoes kind of girl. I just destroy shoes. $20 or $200 a pair, I destroy them just as quickly.

But I have been VERY good with the wedges and figured its time to grow up! I have NO heels and aside from the mentioned wedges, no real dressy shoes. A pair of Marc Jacobs sparkly black heels that I thrifted are the only pair I have when its not summer.

Now let me explain why this haul came about. I had bought this pair of shoes a few months ago for my brothers wedding. I am NOT a heels girl, and as a bridesmaid, I knew the day would be long and I would need to wear my shoes for 8-10 hours.

They were a splurge at just over $200, but I had no nude shoes, and it was a special occasion. My mom did not like the idea of my wearing flats to the wedding and my dad told me to compromise and buy a pair of heels for the photos and ceremony and then change into the flats. So I went shopping. On the very trip that I went on I fell in LOVE with a pair of heels. But they were $375 before taxes. EEK! I have spent the last 12 weeks trying to find something similar that were NOT that price. So I went first into Browns shoes. I had seen a pair of Michael Kors heels on clearance for $150 and they were very similar.

Turns out they were VERY uncomfortable. NO way I was wearing them for 5 minutes let alone any longer. And yet somehow, this happened:

I did however see these:

NOT the nude shoes I need for the wedding, but I am wearing a black and white dress on the Saturday night and wanted to wear my mini mac from Rebecca Minkoff. These shoes are the exact same shade of blue and were on clearance from $200 down to $59.99. And if you bought a pair of shoes, all other clearance shoes were 25% off. So these ended up being $44.99!

And then I did it. I bought the shoes I should not have.


So I ended up getting two pair of shoes worth $575 for $420. It sounds a LITTLE better but really not much. But they are SOOOOOOOOO comfortable. And in theory, my middle brother will only get married once. Right?

And then I went to The Bay. I still needed a cute pair of flats for the rehearsal dinner.  And I did not find any. But all the shoes at The Bay were half off the clearance price. And since I was apparently having a shoe day, I got two more pair of shoes.

First was a pair of Coach wedges. These came in both this blush colour and black. I ended up going for the black.

Yes, $168 down to $52.92. Thats more than 66% off!

Now I recently had an event to go to and had the perfect dress. But I ended up wearing these shoes:

I bought them in both colours at Winners a few years back for about $20 a pair. And they are gorgeous for ballet flats.

Both are snakeskin, retailed for around $160 and have one other thing in common. They are SO uncomfortable I end up with sores so bad I am often bleeding after I wear them. Literally. But until now they were really my only options. Not to be worn for more than 2 hours at a time without my being near tears.

I had been told that I should wear red heels with that dress. Would have been great had I owned red heels. I now do.

$165 and they were $45 since they had a tiny mark on them I got an EXTRA 15% off. But the best part is the mark came right off with a soft wipe!

Now the only issue is that I STILL don't have the flats to wear to the rehearsal dinner! But at least I feel like my wardrobe now has a few pair of heels that I can wear when needed. I didn't realize until this blog post that all 4 were patent leather, and the truth is that I usually prefer anything OTHER than patent. But that is the nature of clearance. And the red, black and blue heels at least I think are fairly classic styles that I can wear for years to come. Now being all peep toe, they are not ideal for winter, but the truth is, what do you expect from a summer clearance? Hopefully next season I can get as lucky and get some more winter-ish options! 


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