Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Louboutin Polish - ??!!?!?!?!!

I have really not discussed the Louboutin polish that is everywhere simply because it is everywhere. We all know it exists, its $50, none of us NEED it, and yet...........

Anyways, I just learned the design of the bottle is supposed to mimic their Ballerina Ultima a shoe with the highest heel Louboutin has ever designed. I don't necessarily see the similarities other than long and thin, but I have to ask


Are you freaking kidding me? Other than a ballerina who has to be able to walk en pointe, who the hell?? I get that fashion is not always about comfort (though if the shoe is painful to wear, count me out) but this is just beyond comprehension for me!!

Would you wear these in ANY situation? Id say "give me a break" but I am pretty sure if I wore these I would give myself MULTIPLE breaks!!!!


  1. I hate to say it... but the shoe, the polish, and the bottle itself imo are beyond ridiculous and definitely delve into ugly territory.

  2. Those are meant to be more sculptural than functions. No one is really meant to be wearing these other than for show and even then it would have to be someone who learned how to wear them. They don't have the proper support of a pointe shoe and even if they did, unless you're trained to stand en pointe it isn't a good idea to attempt.
    There are other ballet heels out there but unless someone is into some sort of fetish related thing, no one actually walks in them.
    The Louboutin polish was also designed with the idea of a traditional calligraphy pen and ink, not solely the Ballerina Ultima shoes.

  3. I'm so tempted to get this just for the hell of it! But it cost £36 :-O

    I don't think the shoes are for walking in........... ;-)

    1. haha. Its $50 here for the polish. A LOT. But those shoes are just...................

  4. Well not a shoe fan but a polish lover and yes its just a red but I didn't buy it just for the color I love the bottle design as well and love how it looks with my perfume bottles. That being said yep its a red but its a really nice red that wears like iron. What I love is I can say I bought it here and there is no judgement not catty comments. I'm tired of having to hide what I purchase because if someone doesn't agree with it they can't be an adult and not get nasty. I was outright told I should and could have gotten so much more for that price and that makes me not only angry but sad. Where is the nail community that supported peoples choices when did it become okay to make childish comments and make some feel like they cannot post what they purchase. I use to love to share my purchases but this past year has been brutal one picture of diors had my whole life dissected on the internet from my marriage, my mental health to my finances by grown adult women and bloggers. iI really woke me up to realize you can leave high school, grow up but there will always cliques and mean girls who know better.

    1. I think the polish is not exciting enough for me to get based on the price. I am likely going to change my mind. It is no ones idea what the hell you spend your money on. I would never judge that. I just think those SHOES are ludicrous. You want to buy them, go for it, but I think they are simply ridiculous.

      Ive said this before and I will say it again. You can ALWAYS share your hauls with me! I will enjoy them and never judge! I still want to come play at your place!

  5. I know you would never judge me and that's why I shared it here. It really sucks that grown women troll fb looking for posts to make nasty comments and upset someone. I don't buy shoes like you I'm hard on them and I have nerve damage in both feet but purses well that is a whole different ball game. I love that this page and the fb are a safe place to come and voice your opinion love you <3



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