Monday, August 11, 2014

A Lesson Learned!

A few months back I found some great dresses (you can see them HERE) at a store called Cleos. Cleo is a store that I never went into. A store that caters to the 40-50 year old professional. Just a lot of boring clothes that were too old for me. Or so I thought. But I saw a display of dresses in the front of the store that last time that pulled me in and I was so happy it did. I was told over and over by the sales associate that they were no longer just your mothers clothing store. I listened, and pretty much ignored it. 

But I found a top I fell in love with on Friday. It is WAY outside my comfort zone, but I really love it!

From the front it looks like this:

A plain, navy blue sweater. The knit is so soft and I don't often find knits that feel this nice at the price point this started at.  But then you look at the back:

Completely see through! Totally NOT me. But I love the teal/white/navy colour palette and pattern, and it is just my back. But in case the pic on the mannequin doesn't quite show it off, this is REALLY sheer.

And the best part? Look at the price tag! I would have gotten it at full price had I seen it, but for $14.99? And I have learned my lesson. Great prices ($129 for a dress, $50 for a sweater at regular prices) and good quality and age appropriate clothing. I will stop ignoring the store. And you should really check it out also!!


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