Monday, August 25, 2014

Shoppers Fabulous Beauty Bonus - How Fabulous Is It Really?

For this week at Shoppers Drug Mart if you spend $75 in beauty you get this beauty bag. I have to say, I have never been so unhappy with a beauty gift. If this was a gift with purchase of $30 or even MAYBE $50 I would have been disappointed. At SEVENTY FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS?!! I'm down right angry. Ok, I am really not angry. Just mad I made a trip to the store in order to get this crap. And its pretty much whats in here.

It's a very big bag that is pink. If it wasn't pink I would probably think the bag was awesome. The truth is the bag itself is kind of awesome other than being pink. Yes, pink is a dirty four letter word on this blog. HATE PINK! haha.

Look at all the foil packets!

And some perfume viles, along with one of those paper folded over samples that comes in magazines.

The only deluxe samples and stuff that belongs in a gwp in my opinion (especially one with a $75 requirement) are these:

A drugstore foundation sample in a shade that will work for about 10% of you (seriously, no one I work with is a light-medium), a bioderma sample that would be awesome if it could be sealed or closed or even stand up to allow you to use it more than once, but this is essentially a foil sample of an awesome product. A gosh liner is great! I will add it to the other 203 black liners I have (ok, ok, this is actually kind of a great thing to have in the bag, just boring and not needed by most beauty addicts).

All in all, its NOT what I expect from a $75 beauty boutique gift with purchase. That being said, if this review makes you want to run out and get it, the gift is available until Friday or stock runs out, whichever comes first.


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