Monday, August 4, 2014

Ardency Inn Modster Southampton Lip Kit

I bought this as a set at Sephora. The lip balm/base is $26 and the set above (which contains two full sized products) is only $37 so that made the $29 lipstick only $11. I would likely have NOT purchased this lipstick otherwise.

That being said, now that I have one, it is entirely possible that I will spend $29 on another lipstick having tried them. It amazes me that this brand does not get more love since as of now (keeping in mind I have only tried 2 1/2 products (really, this primer and the boom base are basically the same product) every product I have tried has been a success.

This lipstick is called Forward and is described as a pink with blue and violet undertones.

This lipstick is unlike ANYTHING I own, and it almost borders on a purple shade. The photos are very true to life.

Now I just washed off all my makeup and everything so that I could put on a new mask like product (review to come) but figured I would show you the lip product on the skin. This is one swipe of the product with no base or prep to the lip. It is buttery smooth and glides on effortlessly.


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