Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July Glossybox Unboxing

So this is a very late review. That is my fault, NOT Glossybox. This arrived on time about 3 weeks ago but I had no chance to drive across the border to pick it up until now. So its a quite late review, and the August box should be shipping this week!

Now this box was the first Glossybox I have gotten I could have done without. The Glamglow while not needed at all now that I got so many in Los Angeles did however make the box worthwhile and prevent me from being pissed off about it.

This serum does piss me off though. There were three different versions. We took a quiz when we signed up. I have my preferences listed and my skin concerns etc. So why the hell did they send me the anti-aging one (my mom APPROPRIATELY got this and loves it. So she has mine now) when there were 2 others that would have FIT MY FREAKING PREFERENCES?

Body Cream. What can I say. Its a cream you rub on your body to moisturize you. It is like every other cream out there. Notice I don't get excited by moisturizers. It doesnt smell disgusting, so its got that.

This brand I love. The product smells slightly like vinegar. If it works as well as the other Philip B products I have used then I could happily overlook the smell. But, it has silicones in it so I wont even try it. This, along with the moisturizer and the serum were given to my mom.

Glamglow. This is great. Its a $19 value but in a squeeze tube instead of the pot this size normally came in making it much more user friendly. This stops me from bitching about the fact that I spent $21 on this box.

A lip balm. A more high end brand, this is sold at Nordstroms. I can honestly say I would never have picked it up at $12 for squeeze tube of lip balm. In a sample box however it is a good sample and I will try it out.

Overall, the value in the box was good if you like the products, but I have no use for two and have 3,303,203 different moisturizers already. I must say I am getting tired of them putting one in every freaking box. Hopefully next months box will excite me more.


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