Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Nail Art Offerings From Essence

What? You need MORE essence new stuff? OK! Since you asked!

New effects! With the effect nails, you can conjure-up exciting three-dimensional textures on your nails. From August onwards, glitter in neon colors and unique pearls that glow in the dark guarantee ultimate eye-catching nail styles! The small tubs with a practical sieve make application really simple. Sprinkle the effect nails on still moist nail polish and that’s it –get ready to admire a totally individual nail design with a 3D look! A small tip: it’s best to pour the effects into the lid and then press your nail into them. Available in two new and a total of eight different textures and colors.

Is that not too exciting? Kind of beaten the horse to death (thanks Ciate for that)? Then maybe these will excite you! No? You also find the magnetic trend done and gone? Me too!

Magic Nails… extremely versatile and now in a new 3in1 version! You can create three different designs on your nails with just one magnet. Here’s how it works: select one of the three designs and bring the spacer into the desired position. Hold the magnet above the still moist nail art magnetics nail polish for 15 seconds and your chosen nail design is done: cute hearts, cool waves and crazy circles, funky checks and zigzag designs. Available in a total of two versions.

Ok, these two don't excite me AT all, but if you like the glitter/micro beads fad of a year ago, or the magnetic fad of two years ago, these might excite you.

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  1. Have you seen any of the Aug lines show up at all yet? I'm after the sand top coat in particular but I havent seen anything yet :(



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