Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another Shoe Haul

So earlier today I posted an INSANE shoe haul. This is the polar opposite of that haul. As mentioned in previous posts I put in a ton of hours each summer at a local festival in the city. And for those two weeks I live in denim and tshirts. I was sick and tired of wearing ballet flats or other of my black work shoes and wanted some cute, casual runners.

And right in the exchange district of downtown, in the centre of the action is a Giant Tiger. Not somewhere I normally shop for anything. But I ran in, and somehow ran out with 4 pair of shoes. The blue/green/purple satin runners were the pricey ones ringing in at a whopping $8! The other three pair were a budget friendly $6!

As mentioned, these are a satin shoe. They seem fun and a nice little pop of colour!

These embroidered canvas shoes I have worn a lot already. I got them in both coral and mint green because, well, seriously. $6?! How could you NOT?

And these are my favourite. The bright emerald green, the woven details, and the fact that they feel like slippers on all combine to make them such a win!

So for under $30, I got some fun casual summer shoes to wear!


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