Friday, August 22, 2014

Cate And Chloe August Monthly Unboxing

But wait Shayna, you cancelled this service...... why are you getting a box and unboxing it? Well, I did cancel, and did not pay but got sent the box in error. So I am unboxing it. I did send them an email saying 
  1. I got the replacement chain for the necklace that came broken
  2. I got the August box which I did not pay for, can you send me a shipping label to return it
  3. Please re-start my subscription
They replied with confirmation my subscription would restart and they would bill me starting September 1st. And that I should keep this box as a thank you for resigning up. The truth is I think had they said they WOULD send me a label so I could return it I would have emailed them back to say "nevermind, just bill me". I really do love the bracelet. Not sure I would have been up for sending it back. 

The perk of the month was set of earrings. Again, I understand they sell their products for the price stated, but I think they are NOT worth $99 a piece. They are nice, and even silver plated jewelry at other stores is pricey these days, more like $39 or $49 dollars max. But even with the more realistic pricing (I sold jewelry for years, and if you are not talking about junk jewelery from Claires are Ardenes, its not cheap anymore) the value is still there in these subscription boxes!

So first the free perk. A pair of earrings I would never othewise have gotten since I have the no CZs listed on my profile.

Close up of ugly ear with ear hair I never knew existed before this picture. I actually dont mind these earrings and will likely wear them.

Next up. Bracelet I LOVE.

This is a STURDY clasp

First piece I have gotten from the brand I dont like is this. Thankfully, the bracelet is liked enough to make the box worthwhile for me even if I had not gotten the bonus earrings. And since I like the bonus earrings, no complaints here.

Technically you can send back the piece you dont like and exchange it, but seeing as I am in Canada (and I never paid for this box anyways) it seems like it would not be worth the energy or effort even if I did pay for the box.

That inner ear hair is really bothering me. BAH!

All in all:for $39.99 a month I am quite happy with the box.

As mentioned at the beginning, they did send me a replacement chain. They sent it, I got it and it was a short chain which was annoying since the think I liked so much about it was that it was a LONG chain. I emailed them, they said they would send out a second replacement, this time the right one, and they expedited it so within three weeks the issue was resolved. I had ZERO issues in getting a response from them EVERY TIME I have ever emailed them about a question or a problem and overall am happy enough that I resigned up.


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