Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Check Out TJ Maxx

We all know I love my glamglow. Not the youth mud as much as the super mud (I like the black glamglow masks, I just dont LOVE them) but the entire line is great. And the entire line is pricey. Now I understand that in the world of skincare, $76 for a mask is certainly not in the land of the crazy. But its A LOT for the typical person. And I have heard that they are floating around at TJ Maxx, I simply had not seen them!

UNTIL NOW! They had quite a few at the one in Grand Forks, ND (these images were taken yesterday) and the prices are AMAZING! I have not yet tried the Bright Mud which now infuriates me because if I love it, I can't run back and grab some. I have however 4 pods of it now from various different times so at least I have about a half box worth or treatments. I think there are 8 in a box? Truth be told I have no clue. Either way, wouldn't it have been good to know if I loved it or not?

So yeah, basically, CHECK OUT YOUR TJ Maxx! And please comment letting me know:

  1. Have you seen Glamglow at your local store?
  2. What is the best beauty find you have had at TJ Maxx (or Winners or Marshalls)?


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