Thursday, August 7, 2014

Starlooks Cherry Cedar Lip Liner And Obsidian Eyeliner

I have been quite harsh with Starlooks but its because every opportunity I have to interact with them has ended in them making up a BS story and me wanting to bang my head against a wall.

They recently came out with a survey that they asked people to fill out and promised to send a product to everyone who completed it. Time goes by and they email everyone who filled it out that the data was corrupted. Then they explain it on the facebook page that they got too many fake entries of people using fake names and fake addresses. When its pointed out NO ONE WOULD EVER DO THAT (they might use the same address many times to get more than one freebie, but no one fills it out and gives fake non existent addresses to get their free item) they changed the story BACK to they couldn't pull out the information. To solve this they are going to REISSUE the survey with much stricter guidlines on who can fill it out.

The general consensus online was that too many people filled it out and they didnt want to send so many free items. Its the only plausible reason why they have all the information to contact everyone and tell them they dont know who filled it out (the people whose surveys the responded to are the ones that filed it out. DUH!) and that they will reissue it with much stricter guidelines on who can fill it out. 

So I have to say it is with all that in my head that I got these two products. The lip liner is a cool toned red which seems odd since it was part of the same collection as the Boss lipstick which is very warm toned. And I was NOT in a generous mood to cut them slack and still rather unimpressed with the company.  

So when I opened them up and saw the tip I was even more annoyed. They looked very dry and not very user friendly. I expected a lot of drag, and an uncomfortable application.


And it does NOT easily come off. Like not easily at all. This is AFTER both Bioderma AND my astringent.


The eyeliner was surprisingly fabulous (if you want a waterproof, will not go anywhere even if you want it to) and if you are a waterproof mascara kind of girl, I would highly recommend checking this liner out. The lip liner was dry, it dragged, it was uncomfortable, and I would say save your money and skip it.


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