Thursday, August 21, 2014

Julep August Maven Box

I have already discussed the gong show that was this month. At that point I had not yet gotten my mothers my maven box. So here is the update. 

Here is my box. I originally opened my moms box first since as you can see from my box below it has my moms name and not my name on it. They labeled mine with her name and hers with my name. 

They did however get my correct customs label on the back. How customs excepted a shipping label and customs label with different names on it is beyond me, though thankfully both boxes still arrived.


I was supposed to get a purple eyeliner, purple polish, green polish and blue polish. I got this:

No refund, simply a credit for 2000 jules. Why am I not surprised?

Now I was mad until I swatched this liner.

And let me tell you, its

I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been fairly hard on Julep as of late (stop effing up my boxes and start shipping them on time and I will be far less annoyed) but this liner is LOVE! I had to double check it was purple as its almost a black, but I have NEVER had such an easy time with liner. I love the 24/7 Urban Decay liners because they are pretty much the only ones I can apply without looking like I got a black eye. That being said, it takes me two or three tries before I get it right. I have a very shaky hand and am terrible at liner application. This took me one try and 30 seconds. For top and bottom liner!

These BETTER and I mean BETTER come back in stock because I  need all of them! ALL OF THEM!


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