Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quo by Orly Pink Champagne & Paint The Town Red

So as mentioned before my mom Pink (y) Jinx (ok, its a funny story, though she doesn't think so. I was recovering from surgery and was unable to commit to participating in the Secret Santa Swap I organize so she stepped in for me. As I am known as blue jinx she signed the card pink jinx. The person she sent to for some reason read or saw pinky jinx or made the typo and it kind of stuck. Every time she is referred to as pinky jinx she gets mad and says its pink jinx). Anyways, here are the two polishes from the holiday glitter collection that she purchased!

Pink Champagne is a sheer base filled with (and I mean FILLED with) holographic pink bar glitter.

Two coats on its own, and one coat over black!

Paint The Town Red held no interest to me until I swatched it. Now I think I need it. BAH!!! I am TOTALLY blaming my mom for this one. It is her fault I need this. If she wasn't so into polish she never would have got it and I would never have known I needed it. We will ignore and deny the fact that it was probably MY obsession with polish that pushed her into HER obsession with it! Won't admit THAT!!

Anyways, this polish is a clear base loaded with metallic red microglitter and small hexagonal matte red glitter.

Two coats on its own and one coat over black. This was slightly goopy and certainly not as easy as Pink Champagne to apply. But  not so hard or thick that it was problematic.

These polishes are available nationwide at Shoppers Drug Mart and retail for 9.99.

1 comment:

  1. The red looks like an Indie polish. :-D

    Lovely glitters. I want the red more though.



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