Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kiss imPRESS Press On Manicure Customer Service

Have you guys seen these before? Very cute press on nails that come in an adorable little nail polish like bottle. Well, I tried them and it was a total fail! I have ZERO idea if it was me or the product but they fell off in about 20 minutes. I sent an email to the company explaining what happened. I was very honest. I have NEVER used press on nails before and it might have been USER error and not PRODUCT error. I really do not know. Within 24 hours I got the following reply back from them:
Dear shayna:
Thank you for contacting Kiss Nails. Please accept our apology for a less than satisfactory experience with our product. We take each of our consumers concerns seriously and value all of the input we receive. Your letter has been forwarded to the appropriate departments.Kiss stands behinds all of our products and your satisfaction is very important to us. We would like to send you a complimentary item. If you would like you may request that another product be sent in exchange, just check out our websites or to choose another product of similar value. Unfortunately we do not give refunds, only exchange or replace products.Thank you for taking the time to write us. 
Consumer Relations 
Kiss Products, Inc
Now, I never asked for a refund. I wanted to know what the cause of the issue was and if it was my inept abilities or stupidity or if it was a product fail. I replied with the fact that I had little faith I would make the imPRESS nails work any better the second time around and that I would love to try the nail appliques instead (since those I KNOW how to work!). I said I didn't have a preference for colour other than my hating pink and hating animal prints. About two weeks later, I get this in the mail

Now if you are thinking "wow! they sent her TWO products instead of one! Awesome!" then you are thinking what I was thinking. BUT..... in a second package that was sent from them that arrived on the exact same day was this:

So they sent me two nail dress to use AND two more imPRESS sets to try again. Which is TOTALLY awesome...... except as I told them, I HATE PINK!! And what did they send me nail wise? Bright shiny pink, and purple WITH pink. So I had to shake my head a little at that one!

Now I am not complaining, as they did go above and beyond to make this right. But that being said, I HATE PINK!! LOL! And my mom has gel nails so she sure wont use these! So while I appreciate the generous and over the top way they made up for my faulty product, I have a new dilemma. What to do with these press on nails?

The answer I think is going to be give them away to a reader! Stay tuned. I will post the giveaway soon!


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