Friday, September 28, 2012

Naild'it Unique Polish Tiger Puke Doesn't Quite Nail It!

I was super excited to get the travelling Indie polish box and the colour that I just HAD to have and HAD to play with ASAP was Tiger Puke. I was head over heals in love with it in the bottle. Its small matte glitter in yellow and purple. Basically, imagine Floam with purple in stead of green/teal!! I was so excited and it was the clear cut winner for my first manicure. Sadly........ the excitement ended right there. This polish is an EPIC FAIL! 

Now I have to reiterate, I LOVE THE LOOK OF THIS POLISH!!!!! But it was a thick, gloopy impossible to work with mess.  It was very thick and the glitter kind of stuck together in balls. It did not want to spread at all, and it took forever to dry. When I tried to do my second coat five minutes later it still pulled at the first coat and moved it around somewhat leaving bald spots. The pictures below are with three coats and it took more than an hour to dry. I did put on a fast dry top coat and the top of it was dry to the touch but the bottom was still wet and able to dent even 90 minutes later. 


  1. Oh no!!! :( This is such sad news to me! Andrea Owner of Naild'it! Did you try to thin it? Suspension base tends to get thick especially with glitter bombs. I usually send out some directions with all my polishes, stating the tendency in thickness and directions on how to fix it. BUT this is no good that you are unhappy! I would love to add a new bottle of Tiger Puke to the traveling mix.

  2. I am going to adopt the words of the Crowstoes brand to explain it best. I think she does a wonderful job at explaining it
    "Polish Consistency - Please Do not expect your CrowsToes to be the same consistency as a commercially produced polish.CrowsToes are made using straight un-cut suspension base which is verythick. They are easily thinned to your preferred consistency with polish thinner."

    With that though I would still love to replace it. I strive for great customer service and quality in my brand

  3. Sorry but copying Crowstoes shows you know nothing about customer service. Also, she said it was goopy with balls, that's not just thick suspension base. I was going to buy from LLarowe but I've read too many bad reviews of your brand. No thanks!



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