Monday, September 17, 2012

Chanel Sky Line Swatches & Comparisons

I was very excited to get this polish and could not wait until it came here to Canada and until I could get my grubby little paws on it. After confirming I had gotten one and it was en route I started to question myself. A pale blue? I have two that don't get the most love as it is. I just got an amazing one from an indie. This was sure to be a disappointment when it came. And then it came. AND OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Its a purple tinged bottle of shiny blue awesomeness. It is amazing!!!!!!!! I think I got the purple tinge to show up in these photos. It is certainly blue. Don't think I am saying its purple. Its blue. But it is certainly purple tinged and purple leaning. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I really  had no idea what to compare this to. It is nothing like anything in my stash. But here it is along side Coco Blue and Nars Blue Lagoon. I hope that if you have one of these polishes it should be a good baseline for being able to tell what Sky Line is like. Two coats of each for these swatches.



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