Sunday, September 23, 2012

China Glaze Man Hunt VS Julep Gunta

So when I got Julep Gunta in the mail I was pretty sure it was similar to my China Glaze Man Hunt.

Now while I would call these dupes, if you squint really really hard, Gunta (the swatch on the right) is a teeny tiny hair of a bit darker and slightly more greyish. Just not QUITE as pigmented. But when I say teeny tiny, I mean you really have to squint to see any difference. For all intent and purpose this is a dupe!

And here is a quick pre clean up shot of how I wore it (Gunta)! I wore Gunta on one hand and Julep Hoch on the other.

Now as I was doing my nails I was watching Jane By Design. Her outfit in the show is perfect for my nails! I think I have a to hunt down an outfit inspired by this!!


  1. Looks like I don't have to get Man Hunt :) It was a colour I was drawn to in that collection, but I got Gunta from Julep so I will cross it off my list till I need more :)

  2. Holy wow this is absolutely a dupe!! And it's such a lovely color!! <3



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