Thursday, September 13, 2012

Butter London Billy No Mates, Stag Do & Two Finger Salute

So it seems Nordstroms has their new polishes up and onsite!! I really really really NEED all three of these!! I see a trend this holiday season! Why cant they just make pink, red and gold polishes? Oh! And hunter green! It would save me so much money, time and stress!!! These, I all want!!!

Billy No Mates: Brit slang for a poor chap with no friends. A pale, dove-gray creme.-

Two Fingered Salute: Similar to giving the bird in the states. Naughty! A muted, patinaed green-creme with copper micro-glitter

Stag Do: A British bachelor party. A deep, slate blue with a slightly green shimmer.


  1. Two Fingered Salute looks like it could be pretty awesome!

  2. wow, taking a second look at two finger salute. this i need. i didn't notice the copper flecks but that really makes it something special.



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