Friday, September 21, 2012

Julep Polish Lovers Mystery Box Take One!

So I thought I would show you all the first Julep Mystery Box I got. I will say, I am slightly less than thrilled. I  personally think that calling a tiny reusable bag a four dollar value is kinda not right. I mean if you go to any grocery store those bags are three times the size and cost .99. So to say its worth 4 dollars... I would hazard to guess that they have sold next to zero bags. It is something they gave away as a freebie in the maven boxes the other month and I am pretty sure no one is lining up to spend four dollars on them. But anyways I will end the rant now. Its not REALLY the point. 4 polishes for 19.99 is a good deal. Did I get anything I didn't already have? NOPE. But did I expect to get any? NOPE! But I had to at least TRY to get a mystery colour!!!


All in all, I really am not upset. I think the colours are gorgeous ( I just own them all already!!) but I do think that calling the bag $4 is a little bit of a cheat. Next time I would rather even a nail file, anything but a 49 cent bag being passed off as $4.

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  1. Yeah, I ordered 2 boxes at 2 separate times and ended up with the same polishes in both boxes :( But! It just means I'll have more prizes for a future blog giveaway. Lemons, meet lemonade.



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