Saturday, September 15, 2012

Emily De Molly When Planets Collide & Le Metier De Beaute Wild Ginger

Ok, so this manicure was a big hot fail. HAHA!! Let me tell you why. I was gifted the most AMAZING package last night that included Emily de Molly When Planets Collide and Le Metier De Beaute Penny Lane (both are polishes I have been lusting after for a long time!). I was so excited and brought out my Wild Ginger to compare to Penny Lane (I really like Penny Lane BETTER than Wild Ginger!) and then accidentally grabbed Wild Ginger to do my manicure and was halfway through before I realized I was using the WRONG polish!!! I was far too lazy to change it, and spent the next 48 hours looking at my nails and getting annoyed at myself! I promise to do a manicure with Penny Lane really soon! 

When Planets Collide is a black jelly polish loaded with large blue hex glitter, micro blue glitter, turquoise holo, and orange glitter. It is very sheer but builds up really well. This is three coats. It takes three coats to have no visible nail line, but it dries very quickly and three coats is not a big deal.

 Wild Ginger. Sigh....... I love this polish, its just not what I was planning or wanting to wear this day! Oh well! Very pretty, applies PERFECTLY and is opaque in two coats, though you could get away with one coat!! As you can see though, it does dry darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle.

Sorry all these pics were pre clean up! Also, Emily de Molly is currently only shipping within Australia but as soon as that changes I will post a message along with shopping details! And Le Metier De Beaute still hates us Canadians and still wont ship to us or sell to us!!

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  1. Good to see your nails...:-D

    Love that orange on you! SO gorgeous!!! :-)



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