Sunday, September 16, 2012

KOH Elements & Fantasy Collections

KOH came out earlier in the year with this limited edition collection! This collection has 6 nail polishes inspired by the four elements earth, water, fire and air.

I really didn't pay it much attention. I do love Mediterranean Sea! but that is the only one I really really want from this collection. And possibly Fire!.

This collection, KOH Fantasy features six more limited edition nail polishes and are named after things in which we are supposed to fantasize about. And by supposed to, I mean media and television tells us we should. Now I don't know that skinny, rich and famous are things I personally fantasize about, but these 6 polishes I certainly do fantasize about!! OMG!!! Talk about stunning, gorgeous polishes!!! I NEED all 6. I am pretty sure I will never get them, but OMG do I want them!!

Which polishes in these sets do you love? Are you lemming any of these? Do you have any of these? Let me know!!!


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