Saturday, September 29, 2012

Orly Naughty Or Nice Holiday Collection for 2012 Polishes And Gift Set Offerings

The holiday offerings for Orly are announced, and unlike China Glaze with 12 colours and a thousand gift sets, this seems more reasonable. I think I am going to really like Angel Eyes and Halo in person and Miss Conduct and Torrid are ones that I must see in person before I judge.

Thankfully there are only THREE gift sets from Orly making shopping decisions so much eaiser!! And while I do not think I would wear the gloves (and by that I mean no way on earth would I EVER wear those gloves) but I think that would be the set I would get if the value is there. If its cheaper to by polishes on their own then I will choose that option. And I forgot to mention this in the China Glaze holiday post, BUT DO NOT BUY ANY OF THESE without using the October $10 off $20 coupon from Sally Beauty Supply. I will post that coupon as soon as I can track it down!

This set looks like it has Unlawful, Devil May Care and Halo along with a free lace bag

This set looks like Halo, Angel Eyes, and............. Torrid? Along with the free lace fingerless gloves.

And this looks like Torrid, Devil May Care and Unlawful with a free satin sleep mask. Now I may have one of these sets wrong because it looks like Miss Conduct is not in any of them? Someone please correct me if I am wrong!!

What are you guys looking at or debating? Anything you are loving? Hating? Or is this the same old, same old for holiday collections?


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