Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quo By Orly Glitters!!

So I was going to show you all the new collection and make a comment about possibly wanting the blue and the silver ones. But by a really RANDOM coincidence my mom was walking in from work as I was typing this post up. And what do I see when I walk in to her bedroom??!! Two of these polishes!! So while not the two I would ever purchase (The pink is pink, so obviously not, and the red is pretty, but I just got the Lippmann red glitter from last years holiday set that I am in love with) but I thought I would share them with you anyways! So stay tuned for Paint The Town Red (red glitter) and Pink Champagne (pink bar glitter). Both swatches will be up later in the week! And a thanks to mom (apparently known as Pinky Jinx) for allowing  me to post them!!!

1 comment:

  1. I noticed these in SDM, too. I was really excited because I've been interested in the Orly Glam FX bar glitters, especially Sunglasses at Night. But Pink Champagne didn't wow me and the four other ones all had curled glitter. Pretty disappointing.



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